Our Leadership

Lead through the Challenges

Overview of our top leaders who lead through teh challenges.

Our Leadership

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Mr. Arun Kumar Patil

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Arun Kumar Patil (Arun) offers CADMAXX a strategic vision and the leadership necessary to execute it successfully. A visionary leader since CADMAXX’s inception, he has consistently guided the company with his exceptional aptitude… Read More

Govardhana M Reddy

Business Unit Head, Training
Mr. Govardhana Reddy having over seventeen years of industry experience brings to CADMAXX a wealth of knowledge in executive management, innovative solutions, and educational development methodologies…. Read More

Mr. Udaykumar SM

Director, Staffing
Currently heading as Director for staffing, Mr. Udaykumar holds an engineering degree from a premier institution. An intrepid leader with the ability to motivate people towards achieving organizational objectives and adhering to global industry… Read More

Shivamurthy Hiremath

Director, Business Unit Head – Engineering
Mr. Shivamurthy is a Director of CADMAXX, also heads the Engineering Services division, and provides leadership and strategic direction for the Business unit. Mr. Shivamurthy also takes the lead on key customer engagements… Read More

Mr. Basappa Veerapur

Business Unit Head – Skill Development
Mr. Basappa is currently the Business Unit Head for Skill Development at Cadmaxx. Having a decade of reach experience in skill development, Mr. Basappa has always focused to develop and implement strategic business plans… Read More

Mr. Bandu Sasalatti

Director, Operations & HR
Mr. Bandu Sasalatti (Bandu) regulates General Operations and Administration, alongside the whole Human Resources (HR) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Also in charge of NEEM and Apprentice programs, Pivoting an active role in timely billing… Read More

Gurunath Deshmukh

General Manager and Member of CADMAXX Board of Directors
Gurunath Deshmukh is a General Manager heading the Business Units Embedded Software & Systems, BPM, AI & Data Science, ERP & Cloud Services responsible for Business Growth, Operations, and Delivery… Read More

Dinesh Biradar

VP – Information Technology (IT) & ITES
Dinesh leads Cadmaxx’s IT division and is responsible for the P&L for the IT Business Unit…. Read More