Digital Transformation


Cadmaxx combines tech expertise and business intelligence
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Digital transformation is characterized by a connected digital mesh of smart devices delivering increasingly insightful digital services, everywhere to everyone.

Leaders believe that adopting cloud computing will enable organizations to adapt quickly to technological disruptions by virtue of being People-Oriented, Location Independent and Resilient. With the maturity of cyber-security around cloud platform, organizations are able to make smarter decisions quickly.

As Organizations make huge tech investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), digital commerce, Data lakes, Data and Analytics (D&A) and customer experience (CX), cloud migration has become an imperative.

What we do

Cloud Services

We offer A seamless Cloud-Enabled Digital Transformation services mentioned below:

  • Cloud Strategy Consulting
  • Enterprise Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Application Services
  • DevOps for Cloud
  • Cloud Technology Solutions

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AI and Data Services

We offer AI and Data engineering services mentioned below:

  • Data Analytics & Strategy
  • Data Modernization Services
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Data Science
  • A/B Testing & Personalization
  • Data Visualization and Business Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence

How We do

Our experience over several years of engagement with clients has made us understand that needs of clients constantly evolve based on the business demands and hence we offer complete flexibility to partner on different models to engage us in delivering the best services. Some of the models we operate are as follows:


We can set up dedicated extended workbench for you with resources that are tuned to your way of working. We also can offer skilled resources under your management for fixed durations both onsite and at offshore. This enables you to quickly get in people to augment your development and take them off when the workload peak is over.

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As the scope and scale of the projects are still being in discussion stage, we offer our services by initiating the engagement in a Time and Material basis to help our clients in establishing the base team. It allows for greater flexibility in the extent of the works required.


Expertise to setup focused teams working on a defined package of work allows us to take responsibilities for the deliverables but still giving you visibility of the progress being made. This ensures the focus is on scope & deliverables rather than just people.

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Partnerships and Alliances

Success Stories