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At CADMAXX, we provide end-to-end outsourcing services for our clients across the industry domains. Our Data Annotation and business process management solutions approach enables our clients across industries to unlock business value and address their business challenges.

We enable our clients to achieve their cost reduction objectives, improve process efficiencies, enhance effectiveness, and deliver superior customer experience, utilizing innovative business excellence frameworks, ongoing productivity improvements, process reengineering, automation, and cutting-edge technology platforms.

What we do

Data Annotation

Data labeling is the process of attaching meaning to different types of digital data like audio files, text, images, videos and more. Once the data is labeled, it’s used for training advanced algorithms to recognize patterns in future similar data sets.

Machine learning is now applied in almost every domain to enrich and enhance the capabilities of the systems. Machine learning algorithms trained/validated on annotated/labeled data. Prediction capability of machine learning applications highly depends on the quality of annotations. Generating high quality annotations is big challenge for building sophisticated machine learning applications.

We are proud to provide high quality annotation services in different domains Video, Image, Audio, Text. We have superior experience in providing training data to your machine learning algorithms. Our trained and skilled workers will fulfill your annotation tasks with quality control checks.

Below are the various services, we offer:

Bounding Box
Semantic Segmentation
Line Annotation
Cuboid Annotation
Key Point Annotation
Contour Annotation
Poly Mask Annotation
Polygonal Annotation

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Robotic Process Automation

Efficiency and productivity like never before. Savings you couldn’t imagine in the past. Unprecedented agility by eliminating effort. And processes that have their own intelligence. This is the future of BPM, and it’s already here with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

We follow a platform and technology agnostic approach to automation that focuses on ensuring metrics improvement, savings, and ROI. We work with our clients to provide the following services:

  • Advisory Services
  • Pilot and PoCs
  • RPA Delivery
  • Bot Support

How We do

Our experience over several years of engagement with clients has made us understand that needs of clients constantly evolve based on the business demands and hence we offer complete flexibility to partner on different models to engage us in delivering the best services. Some of the models we operate are as follows:


We can set up dedicated extended workbench for you with resources that are tuned to your way of working. We also can offer skilled resources under your management for fixed durations both onsite and at offshore. This enables you to quickly get in people to augment your development and take them off when the workload peak is over.

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As the scope and scale of the projects are still being in discussion stage, we offer our services by initiating the engagement in a Time and Material basis to help our clients in establishing the base team. It allows for greater flexibility in the extent of the works required.


Expertise to setup focused teams working on a defined package of work allows us to take responsibilities for the deliverables but still giving you visibility of the progress being made. This ensures the focus is on scope & deliverables rather than just people.

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Partnerships and Alliances

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